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How many of your painting projects used up all of the paint that you bought? Odds are, you have paint cans in your basement or closet with dust on them. 750 million gallons of paint are purchased every year in the U.S., and nearly 10% of that goes to waste. One thing is for sure: don’t throw it in the trash.

You have more choices than ever to RECYCLE or even UPCYCLE that paint.

Option 1: Upcycle
UpPaint collects used paint from drop-off locations across the country, processes and purifies it, and then adds its own pigments to create one of 18 colors in its line.

Option 2: Recycle (Aerosol Cans)
Find a recycler near you for drop-off:

Option 3: Recycle (Water & Oil-based paint)
Ask your city if there are special days when recycling is possible. Otherwise, dry out the paint with kitty litter or newspaper so that there is no liquid paint left. Then, drop it in the trash.

Source: Earth911; Up Paint
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