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DYK? In addition to keeping you warm, wearing a winter scarf can actually help you stay healthy. Covering your nose with a scarf and keeping your nose warm can actually reduce your chances of catching a cold.

Many people in need don't have scarves this winter, but you can help by making scarves (it's easy) and giving them away.

You can find out more about how to make scarves when you...

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-Discover an easy DIY arm knit scarf tutorial at

Not big on the idea of knitting? Here's another quick, easy scarf idea

Make scarves and leave them in places people in need will find them or give them to a local homeless shelter.

Ever heard of scarf-bombing? You can simply tie a scarf you already have to a fence or tree in an area where someone in need will find it.

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Source: The DIY Mommy, Instructables Craft