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A few days

I am sober and hardly hanging on. No family, junkie parents and one chance to fix it all. Work is hard due to the cold Temps and no vehicle. please don't judge my book by the cover I was once a stay at home good mama. My children have never been in harms way i willingly handed care of them over for now to better myself. all that's left is a home instead of a Jon functioning camper and a vehicle to help get around.. busses don't come out my way and it's dropping below zero. a prayer or thought even helps I still believe.. If possible I'd be so thankful for 50cents to a dollar.. I have come here as a last resort. I wonder how I came so far and sit at such a standstill. makes me question my abilities. God Bless and Anything Helps, domestic, addiction, and my own family negligence stemming from my own neglect as a child has taken its final toll on me and my 2 little babies girl and boy. (1&2).