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About 2.3 million pounds of gift wrap ends up in the landfills each year. Wrap that is metallic, textured, or has glitter isn’t recyclable. Whether it’s for the holidays or all year long for birthdays and other events, consider sustainable wrapping options.

1. Fabric: Think scarves, tea towels, handkerchiefs, large napkins, all of which can serve as a bonus gift.

2. Newspapers, old maps, parchment paper: Out-of-date atlases, newpapers, etc can be upcycled rather than thrown away.

3. Baskets, pouches, inside-out chip bags: The latter is featured in the image above. Just clean out the salty residue of a chip bag, and reuse for gifting!

Source: Treehugger
📸: Sanja Kostic, Treehugger