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October is National Bullying Prevention, when we redouble our efforts to keep kids safe. Studies show that LGBTQ kids suffer bullying at a much higher rate than their non-LGBTQ classmates. Here are some quick stats:

➡️ 86% of LGBTQ+ students experience harassment, discrimination, even assault for their identity
➡️ 56% of those kids do not report these incidents due to lack of faith that schools will help them, because ...
➡️ of the LGBTQ kids who do report incidents, 60% said school staff did nothing

Bullying at school has a major negative impact on kids' mental health, and their ability to learn at schools where they do not feel safe. Right now, there is a bill before Congress that can help. The Safe Schools Improvement Act would provide funding for schools to train staff and implement policies to prevent and address bullying. Here's how we can help:

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Source: GLSEN
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