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Interest: Sustainability

Purpose: Lifestyle Change

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Summer is here, and it’s a great time to bring a little sustainability into your life. It not only helps our planet, it can make a difference for your health too.

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Choose an area to bring a sustainable practice or product into your life. It doesn’t have to cost a dime either. If you’re needing some tips, consider one of these to get you started!

1️⃣ Collect rainwater for your plants. Whether you’re in a home or an apartment, place a container outside to help.

2️⃣ By using less energy, you reduce carbon emissions and live more sustainably. Consider using your A/C less, or turning off the lights at night while relaxing.

3️⃣ Give up the paper towels (considering 254 million tons end up in the landfill each year) and use a washable/reusable rag instead.

4️⃣ Pick 1 room in the house to introduce a sustainable product. Example: In the kitchen, consider non-plastic garbage bags (like plant-based or compostable). If you need some options, type “plastic trash bags” in on our app’s search functionality!

5️⃣ Skip the receipt at the stores! (In addition to helping our environment, you’re reducing your exposure to chemicals. Many store receipts contain BPA.)

Every action helps!

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