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AUGUST 26, 2022 UPDATE: Announced this week, between $10,000 and $20,000 of federal student loan debt will be forgiven for borrowers making less than $125,000 per year. For details on qualification:

AUGUST 8, 2022 UPDATE: Student loan payments have been paused since March 2020 and are set to restart at the end of August. The student loan debt crisis reached $1,926,039,986,608, as of August 8.


Student loan debt burdens more than 44 million Americans, and prevents millions from buying homes, starting businesses, saving for retirement, or even starting families. This debt is disproportionately affecting Black families, and Black women in particular.

Two decades after taking out their student loans, the median Black borrower still owes 95% of their debt, whereas the median white borrower has PAID OFF 94% of their debt.

Add your name to show support for the canceling of $50,000 of student loan debt per borrower.

Source: ACLU
📸: The James G. Martin Center