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Many of us grew up learning that Thanksgiving was the day that Pilgrims invited local Native tribes to sit down for a big turkey feast, but the reality is much more nuanced.

Indigenous People lived on this land for millenia before being "discovered" by Columbus or "settled" by Pilgrims, and Thanksgiving is a good time to honor the truth of that history.

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Here are three ways that we can thank Indigenous people this holiday season:

1 - Shop Indigenous: Native artisans are all over the internet, supporting their communities by selling beautiful, authentic pieces that make amazing gifts.

2 - Learn Native Stories: Many Native authors have published books and articles telling the stories of their people, from a new perspective - their own. Read up, and take some time at Thanksgiving dinner to share what you've learned.

3 - Support Native Organizations: Whether it's volunteering your time or donating to their cause, any help you can give to the many organizations that support Native communities is always welcome.

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Source: Vice
Photo Credit: PBS