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Children can experience mental health strain just like any adult. Feelings of helplessness, rejection by family, high stress due to lack of control in a rapidly changing world, etc can all lead to mental health struggles in kids.

If those kids are also marginalized, such as being people of color and/or LGBTQ, their chances of suffering mental health issues increase dramatically.

- 71% of LGBTQ youth report feelings of depression
- 36% of black LGBTQ youth report having considered suicide

There are ways that we can help. The Trevor Project has compiled a list of common issues faced by marginalized kids, as well as tools to empower kids to deal with those issues and advice for the adult allies in their lives to help support them.

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Another way that you can help support these kids is by volunteering your time. The Trevor Project offers virtual and remote volunteer opportunities for anyone committed to helping kids with their mental health.

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Source: The Trevor Project
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