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The Pride parades that we know and love nowadays are bright, joyous, fabulous events. It's easy to forget that the first Pride parades weren't parades at all - they were marches.

“Reminder" marches were intended to remind the world of the oppression of the gay community. There were strict rules regarding dress and conduct; it was a very somber affair. By 1969, in the wake of the Stonewall Riots, the mood changed. Marchers dressed loud and glorious, openly held hands with their same-sex partners, and sang at the tops of their lungs. They were here and queer, and the world would have to get used to it.

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This change in tone kicked off the flamboyant party atmosphere that would inspire millions around the world to join in. And just because the parade is fun doesn't mean it's not an important march for LGBTQ rights. So this year, with Pride parades cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns, the marches have been moved online.

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Source: Smithsonian, Human Rights Campaign