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The COVID-19 crisis is stressful for everyone, especially for kids. Their worlds have changed dramatically almost overnight, with schools closing for the year and now a summer vacation in quarantine to look forward to.

Talking to kids about this crisis can be difficult, but the best way for them to get reliable information is from the adults in their lives. Kids who talk with their parents or guardians have a better chance of understanding what's happening in their world and managing their anxieties.

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Here are some quick tips for talking with kids about COVID-19:

1 - Find out what they already know. Ask if they have any questions, and provide age-appropriate answers.

2 - Offer comfort and honesty. Reassure kids that they are safe, and calmly answer their questions truthfully.

3 - Validate their feelings. Stress and anxiety are totally normal during this time.

4 - Help kids feel in control. Give them tangible things that they can do to help keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

5 - Keep the conversation going. Check back in with your kid now and then, as the world and their understanding of it changes.

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Source: KidsHealth
Photo Credit: Kid 101