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Interest: Social Justice

Purpose: Petition

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Below are the many ways you can get involved in the fight for justice for George Floyd.

Not all involve donations, so there are ways to make your voice heard in a variety of ways.

1. PETITION: A petition asking for justice for 46-year-old George Floyd has gained hundreds of thousands of signatures.

You can show your support at

2. PARTICIPATE IN A PEACEFUL PROTEST: Locate a local chapter of Black Lives Matter at

3. CONTACT your local representatives: Locate your local representatives with the following link, and demand change from local, state, and national leaders by reaching out and making your voice heard.

4. DONATION-Specific:
a. NAACP Legal Defense Fund: The group works to seek "structural changes to expand democracy, eliminate disparities, and achieve racial justice in a society that fulfills the promise of equality for all Americans."

b. Minnesota Freedom Fund: This is an organization that assists those arrested in paying jail bonds.

c. If you’re able, donate to a bail fund in your state so protesters who’ve been arrested can be released quickly and won’t have to spend long periods of time in jail pre-trial. For a list of local bail funds head over to