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“She saved me as much as I saved her.”

In some areas of the U.S., 24% of homeless people have a pet with them. And for most, their pets are critical to their own survival.

It can be hard to understand how to help, and this 3 part series is providing different options on how to help.

Part 1: Asking

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- It may seem nerve-wracking to ask a homeless person if you can get their pet any food or water.

Take a deep breath and say Hello. You might be surprised at how easy it is to talk. A bag of dog or cat food could help well as water.

- If you’ve helped in some way, please share with the community when you click “Complete” below. You might just inspire someone to do the same.


In Part 2, we’ll share information on the national organization that provides help, food, and medical care for animals living in a homeless situation.

Photo Credit: Annabel Clark, The Guardian