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Interest: Conservation

Purpose: Promote

Under 5 mins.

Will you pledge to dispose of plastic and other waste properly in your daily life?

When you pledge, ThatHelps will donate $5 to the Ocean Conservancy who.....

......for the first time in Super Bowl history, is an “ocean partner” bringing an environmental focus to the big game!

Here’s how to pledge:

- Click “Join” above.

- In the “Comment” section below, write “I pledge” and post it.

- At the end of February, we’ll make a $5 donation to the Ocean Conservancy for each person who pledges!*


For more details about the amazing work the Ocean Conservancy is doing with the Super Bowl Host Committee (including their goal of removing 54 tons of plastic and waste from the Florida coastlines), check out

*: This opportunity will be open until 200 users pledge, or through February 29, 2020.

Photo Credit: Social Miami