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Interest: Climate Change

Purpose: Educate

About an hour

In this three part series, we’re focusing on easy ways to understand your existing diet and how to impact climate change with your food choices. You may have heard that plant-based diets are best, and we’re here to say that if you’re not ready to go vegan, you can still make an impact.

Here’s how:

1. Click ‘Join’ above. Keep in mind that what we all need to do is consume foods and beverages that result in low greenhouse gas emissions.

2. What foods should you try and avoid, or cut back on? Those which are high in greenhouse gas emissions. Meat, animal products, and those with sugar or palm oil are all included. Want to know why these are high in emissions?

3. Remember, take small steps. Become a ‘flexitarian’ - you can still eat meat, but begin taking small steps to help our environment. This is a great article to get started on some small changes:

4. If you’ve already made some changes or are ready to start, let us know where you are in the process by clicking ‘Complete’.

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Photo Credit: Climate Change - Food Security