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Some of you may have heard about a college student a few years ago who started turning ‘plarn’ into mats for the homeless after learning that two people had died sleeping outside in the cold.

Plarn is the process of turning plastic shopping bags into spools of plastic yarn. From there, the opportunities are endless. Bags, sleeping mats, etc can all be made to help others in need.

Here’s how to get involved:

1. Interested in using plarn to make mats for the homeless? Here’s a link to an instructional sheet.

2. There are many other items that can be made to help others in need...bags and blankets to name a few. Search on ‘plarn projects’ and you will find amazing information. Here’s one link to get you started:

3. This can be a fun and rewarding activity to do as a group too. Consider getting family or friends together for a plarn event. Local charities may be in need of items for the homeless, or if you are in direct contact with a homeless person, ask them if a bag or sleeping mat will help.

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Photo Credit: Adam Fondren, Deseret News