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Interest: Animal Welfare

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I am a couple months into my decision to no longer eat foie gras, after learning how poorly the animals are treated. While foie gras may not be something you like, I ask you to consider joining my challenge.

Take one step to show your support for the humane treatment of all animals (dogs, cats, farm animals, etc). Here are a few options, although share any others that you are doing! Thanks for taking the time to show your support.

1. Forego eating a food where animals are treated poorly (such as foie gras, veal, .....)

2. Purchase meats that are graded using the GAP certification level which outlines how well the animals are treated. (I commonly find the GAP system used at Whole Foods.).

3. Volunteer at an animal rescue

4. Give your dog, cat, or other pet some extra love at home.

5. Be kind to all animals!