Got 5 Seconds To Protect The Clean Water Act?

ThatHelps’ partner Trout Unlimited is calling on Americans to stand up and protect the Clean Water Act. If you care about protecting clean water and have five seconds to spare today, here’s how you can make a big difference in a short amount of time. 

Whether or not you’re a fisherman, the Clean Water Act effects all Americans. Established in 1972 under President Richard Nixon, the bill regulates pollution of the waters of the United States. The Act allows pollution control programs and waste standards for businesses and corporations. In 2015, the EPA affirmed the Clean Water Act protects “intermittent and ephemeral streams.” These streams don’t just provide fisheries for outdoorsmen, they source the clean drinking water humans need to live. Now, the provision is in danger of being revoked.

So why should you act? Trout Unlimited’s Vice President writes: “Clean water is not a political issue. Protecting our watersheds and ensuring that clean, fresh water is available for fish, farms and communities is not an option. It is a responsibility.”

5-second help: send a message to your elected officials to protect the Clean Water Act.

Trout Unlimited prepared a sample message to send to your two Senators, Representative and the EPA, but you can certainly take extra time to personalize the suggested message. Tell them why clean streams and water matters, sign your name, and click send. Then cross “help my community and the environment” off your t0-do list. Bonus: share the call to action with your networks to amplify the Help.

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