Summer Vacations That Help: East Coast Greenway

Did you know your summer getaway can help the environment, sustainable development and public health all at once? It can if you visit ThatHelps’ partner East Coast Greenway.

The Greenway is a 2000-mile long bike and walking route that spans from Maine to Florida. It connects pre-existing trails along the East Coast to create one super trail that is free of traffic and for people of all ages and abilities.

Using the Greenway benefits individuals, communities, and America. For one, its users improve public health by encouraging active transportation and safe recreation. The pathway also decreases pollution by giving you opportunities to walk and bike instead of driving a gas-guzzling car. It’s also useful because it connects people from all over the country and provides much-needed public spaces for exercise.

City by city, the Greenway serves as one long linear park where you can do anything from bird watching to fishing. (Our other cause partners The National Audubon Society and Trout Unlimited can help this portion of your Greenway vacation.) If you live along the East Coast and want to get away, what else do you need?

If the city slickers reading this need some encouragement, the New York City the path runs along Manhattan along the Hudson River. Make a day or weekend trip riding or walking the 46 mile route that spans the Big Apple. Stop along the piers or Riverside Park then and spend your evenings in the concrete jungle.

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Photos: @eastcoastgreenway