A Company That Helps: Coca-Cola

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Everyone knows the Coca-Cola Company (its logo hasn’t changed once in its 130-plus year history), but you may not know how much the company does for sustainability, conservation, gender equality, and humanitarian aid. As part of our Companies Who Help series, we highlight philanthropy and altruism from businesses and their employees. Check out the ways they’re making a global impact on the world’s most challenging problems. 

Empowering Female-Owned Business

Coca-Cola partnered with The United Nations Development Programme to help women in Turkey develop self-sustaining businesses. So far, the female-driven collective ahs earned nearly $7,000 and they’re in talks with their municipality to open their own café and sales outlet at the bazaar!

Supporting ThatHelps’ partner in sustainability

Our cause partner in Conservation The Nature Conservancy received more than $2 million dollars from the beverage company to support their freshwater replenishment projects in watersheds throughout North America. Huge!

Providing safe drinking water to the world’s neediest locations

The Coca-Cola Foundation partnered with WaterAid and local communities in Burkina Faso, Africa to help provide fresh drinking water to its residents.

Launching Project Last Mile 

This program, together with The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, aims to develop simple solutions to complex problems by supporting African Health Ministries with life-saving medicines to patients and communities. It’s recently expanded into Liberia and Swaziland, reaching more and more people in need.

Using pedal power to lower pollution

In the Netherlands, Coca-Cola is turning to bikes to green up its service fleet. Since making its debut in the city of Utrecht, which like many urban areas wants to reduce congestion and pollution, the e-bike cargo system has inspired other businesses to put the pedal to the metal. More bikes = better quality of life for everyone!

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Photos: Coca-Cola