A Company That Helps: Procter & Gamble

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, it’s important to remember that thousands of people of are still without power and homes are still damaged. At the same time, it’s also important show gratitude for the incredible relief efforts and helps from all kinds of people and organizations. Relief efforts for Texas and Florida came in from all over the country, in so many ways, from individuals who donated money or picked up a chainsaw to clear debris, to our non-profit partners like Save the Children who work on the ground providing support, and corporations who provided free products and supplies.

Procter & Gamble is one such corporation. This well-known company makes the products that are probably in your bathroom right now, including Tide, Oral-B, and Febreze. P&G’s also no stranger to helping in a time of need, either: they’ve helped recovery efforts following natural disasters since 2005 post-Hurricane Katrina and they followed up again post-Harvey and Irma.

The company helped Hurricane victims and first responders in a big way, providing personal care kits, household cleaning items, and Tide detergent. The Tide Loads of Hope program set up washing stations in Bonita Springs, Florida for people without access to a washer or dryer to wash and dry clothes for free. They also had similar relief efforts in various locations in Texas earlier in the month, too.

You can help Procter & Gamble help folks who need clean clothes!

Get in on the Clothing Drive! Drop off your gently worn clothing at a local Tide Dry Cleaners, who will then wash the garments and work with Mathew 25: Ministries to find new owners. We love how the company makes it possible for regular people to get involved in the relief efforts.

We also love any company who steps up in a time of chaos to help. Procter & Gamble’s donation of essential items and clean clothes gives routine and order in a chaotic and stressful time for those dealing with the aftermath of the hurricanes. #ThatHelps

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Photo: @tide, Tide.com