3 Reasons To Download ThatHelps

Reason 1: You can actually make a difference. There are dozens of actions you take right now to help great organizations, like International Rescue Committee’s campaign to support the Syrian refugees, or Oceana’s campaign to stop seismic blasting in Belize. We curate opportunities to do good by interest and by cause, so you can help as many groups as you want, as often as you want. ThatHelps is Facebook and Twitter-friendly, so you can rally your networks from all over the interwebs to spread the positivity.  

Reason 2: Saying thanks is better than a like. We added a “thank you” button so causes and individuals can spread the gratitude. Someone shares your petition? Someone posts a picture of their fundraiser? Hit thanks! 

Reason 3: Bragging is good… When it comes to altruism. The more good deeds people share, the more likely someone they know will participate, too. Members are sharing pics of all kinds of helps, from a charity run to just buying someone’s coffee. We’re here to help you put more good in the world. Who doesn’t want that?   

Download ThatHelps in iTunes here or in Google Play here.